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Testing and Calibration is a part of periodic maintenance procedure and to be performed on all serviced and new components, as this confirms and proves the quality and reliability of the component, which needs to be mounted on the complex hydraulic systems where frequent failure of system is not admissible.

Fluidforce possess capabilities for testing and calibration of wide range of hydraulic components and instruments, with the facility to carry out both in-house and onsite service. Onsite activities covers Pressure gauges and PSVs only. Our expert technical team can precisely Test, Regulate and Calibrate as per factory recommended pressures and settings.

Our team carefully monitor, collects data, log and record all information and generate reports reflecting the report number, tag number and test parameters, also all generated reports are traceable from our system archive and can be retrieved at any time.

The major list of components which we handle more frequently but not limited to. are as below

Hydraulic Pump.

Hydraulic Motor – Rotary Actuators.

Hydraulic Cylinder – Linear Actuators.

Hydraulic Valves (Direction control, Flow control, Pressure Relief Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves).

Hydraulic Accumulators.

Pressure Safety Valves (PSVs).

Pressure Measuring Devices.

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