Industrial Hoses


Industrial Hoses


Hose fabrication and supply has been an integral part of Fluid Force over the years with the capabilities and experience to provide custom hose assembly perfectly suited to your application/specifications instantly and at a reasonable price. We have hydraulic hoses from ¼” to 2” and industrial hoses up to 6” in various pressure range.

Before replacing a hose assembly, we correctly identify the hose – for application, size, pressure, fluid compatibility and end fittings etc. – so that right replacement can be made. We Test & Certify the hoses as per standard to minimizes potential failures, increases safety and reduces downtime.

Fluid Force also specializes in adding value to the hose assembly fabrication process. Each hose assembly is capped to ensure and protect from contamination during handling. Each hose assembly is labeled with Tag and recorded in our Hose Management System to maintain traceability.

We work with renowned Hose manufacturer from Europe with all certifications complying marine and offshore standards.

Industrial Hoses Range (¼” to 6”)

Oil field – API Certified Hoses(Choke & Kill, BOP Control, Cementing and rotary vibrator hoses)

Material Handling Multi-purpose Hoses

Mining Petroleum Hoses

Steam Hoses

Water / Fire-Fighting Hoses

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