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Hydrostatic Pressure Testing


A highly specialized service provided by Fluidforce Engineering among various pre-commissioning process is Hydrostatic Pressure testing, and it is one of the very important tasks which needs to be performed to check the integrity, strength and leaks of the fluid carrying pipeline / tubing structures Flexible Hoses, Pressure holding vessels and enclosed tanks and to verify its ability to withstand higher than normal pressures without deformation, damage, or failure. The tests are carried out usually at pressures 1.2 to 1.5 times higher than the maximum operating pressures, for the critical applications the test pressure is even recommended up to 2 times of the operating pressure.

We are well equipped to undertake high profile projects on pre-commissioning activities. Our technical team is well trained and supported with advanced Testing Skid, measuring tools and recording equipment. And can carry out safe and Precision execution of tasks adhering to international standards as specified. We are capable to handle low, medium and high pressures up to 40000 PSI range and low to large fluid volumes.

System and equipments we worked with, but not limited to.
Pipelines, Tubing and Hydraulic Hoses
Rough Neck / choke & Kill Hoses
Pressure vessels
Heat exchangers

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